Dialogue Convenor

Anyone can convene a dialogue! A Convenor is responsible for the planning, organization and execution of a Dialogue and the submission of Official Feedback Form.

Convenors ensure that:

  • an integrated, interdisciplinary, and exploratory approach is adopted to shape pathways to sustainable food systems;
  • all aspects – from preparation, planning, execution, and reporting – embrace the Principles of Engagement;
  • a diverse set of stakeholder groups is invited to participate in the Dialogue;
  • the participants who join the Dialogue have a range of profiles and experience;
  • special consideration is given to engaging stakeholder groups who do not normally take part in Dialogues about the future of food systems.

Important Resources

The Good Food Local Dialogues are critical to the Conference engagement process and offer a purposeful and organized forum for stakeholders to come together to share evidence, experiences and new ideas to transform the food and physical activity environments in the United States.

The Dialogues use a standardized approach for convening, curating and facilitating structured conversations among groups with different perspectives to develop food policies to better address the challenges we face today.

This Toolkit is written for Convenors of Good Food Local Dialogues. Our intention is that it will help Convenors to bring together stakeholder groups as they explore, debate and shape pathways to a healthier and hunger free America for all.

The Step-by-Step guide is a great introduction to the Good Food Dialogues process. It is ideal for sharing with potential Convenors and advocating for greater involvement in the process.

Download PDF (6.3MB)

The Social Media Toolkit is a helpful resource to find out how to maximize your impact by communicating your efforts publicly. The Toolkit includes relevant hashtags and accounts to use as well as sample posts.

Download PDF (6.3MB)

Standard Dialogue Run of Show Template

Download Excel (639kb)

Facilitator Discussion Group Template

Download Word Doc (39kb)

Excel Planning Tool

Download Excel (60kb)

Attendance Form for Participants to complete prior to the event or on the day

Download PDF (60kb)

Attendance Register for Convenors to complete using information from Participants

Download PDF (57kb)

Supportive roles to the Convenor

Dialogue Supporters

Dialogue Supporters are responsible for helping the Convenor with the planning, organization and execution of one or more Dialogues. The Convenor may delegate one or more tasks to Dialogue Supporters. Dialogue Supporters will typically have some experience with event organization to manage the practicalities of the event execution. For online Dialogues this includes management of the online meeting platform.

Engagement Support Network

Individuals are invited to organize themselves in informal and formal networks at local, national and international levels. Networks may include, but are not limited to, scientists, rights- based movements, local development and food partners, international and NGOs. Network members are invited to make themselves known to Dialogue Convenors and offer assistance with the preparation and organization of Dialogues.

What next?

Now that the role of Convenor is understood, some next steps to consider include: