Collecting Local Dialogue Feedback

Following a Local Dialogue, conveners are asked to complete and submit an official feedback form highlighting the outcomes of their dialogue.

This feedback will be used to track themes captured across all dialogues and develop a pathway to a healthier and hunger-free America.

Official feedback forms are made available as downloadable PDFs on our website and are posted to the Explore Official Dialogue Feedback page. Feedback forms do not include any identifiable participant information.

Collecting Participant Information

In order to accurately demonstrate the diversity and inclusiveness of Local Dialogues, conveners should collect information about participants in alignment with the official feedback form as early as possible (age range, gender, race, ethnicity, sector, stakeholder group).

We recommend collecting this information during the dialogue invitation/registration stage (e.g. via an online form when participants are registering for the Local Dialogue).  Alternatively, this information can also be collected on the day of the event.

Below are two forms available for conveners to capture this information:

    • Conveners can distribute the Attendance Form to Participants, requesting they complete it prior to their scheduled Dialogue. Download PDF (60kb)
    • Conveners can fill out the Attendance Register form using information collected from participants. Download PDF (57kb)